Funeral Policy

Zion United Church of Christ

Lehighton, PA



We, the faith community of Zion encourage holding the Funeral or Memorial Service in the church as a reminder of God’s never ending presence and our adoption as members of God’s eternal family.


Funeral-a celebration of life with the body of the deceased present.

Memorial Service-a celebration of life done in remembrance without the body of the deceased being present.

Church membership: To hold standing as a member the deceased will have been actively attending worship, communing regularly and contributing to the ministry of Zion United Church of Christ or have been participating in the homebound visitation ministry.

Zion UCC Policies and procedures

  1. Please contact the church office before setting a date and time for the funeral or memorial service.
  2. The Pastor will consult with the church office, custodian and organist in regards to the availability of the church staff for the Church funeral.
  3. The use of the organ by another musician should be cleared with the Zion Church organist or Director of Music.
  4. Viewings may be held in the church before the worship service.
  5. Open caskets during the worship service are a decision for the family to make with the Pastor and the Funeral Director before the service.
  6. The church provides funeral dinners when requested. The family is asked to cover the cost of the meat and rolls. Any additional donation to support our kitchen ministry is greatly appreciated.
  7. Please check on the availability of the Dining Room with church office. Any requirements for using the Dining Room and serving the meal can be discussed with the kitchen staff.
  8. Fee for members of Zion United Church of Christ are $150 to cover the Organist. Checks are payable to Zion United Church of Christ.
  9. Fee for non-members of Zion United Church of Christ is a total fee of $ 300.00 payable to Zion United Church of Christ.
  10. If a pastor other than Zion’s pastor will be conducting the funeral all arrangements will be made through the Funeral Director and a representative from Zion United Church of Christ.
  11. There is no Pastor’s ‘fee’ for the funeral service. An honorarium or ‘gift’ to the Pastor is left to the discretion of the family.

Zion United Church of Christ wants to be as supportive and caring as we possibly can to those dealing with the death of a loved one. To lose someone we love is never easy, but hopefully we can find comfort in the community of faith and in the assurance of the life beyond death that our Lord made possible.