Policy and procedures for

The Celebration of Marriage

at Zion United Church of Christ

Lehighton, PA


Christian marriage is a sacred act of love and commitment. It was blessed by Christ who promised to be with us as our constant companion. Therefore, you take your vows not only to each other, but also to God. In this Sacred Rite, you invite God into your heart and home as the Third party in your marriage, and you pledge love and loyalty to God and each other so long as you both shall live.

In order for you to have a happy and meaningful wedding the following information is provided for you as you plan for your special day.

  1. Before a wedding date is set, please contact the Pastor or Church Office to make sure the date is available on the church calendar. Ideally this should be done at least four (4) months ahead of time to ensure the availability of the date you want.
  2. The couple will meet with the Pastor several times before the wedding to discuss hopes and expectations of their life together and to plan their wedding service.
  3. The Pastor shall officiate at the weddings at Zion except in circumstances where he/she is not available. If any other clergy is to assist in the ceremony, please make arrangements with the Pastor at the time that the wedding is booked.

Zion UCC Policy and Procedures

  1. It is recommended that no formal plans for the wedding be made until the couple has met with the Pastor at least once.
  2. The couple is requested to contact the church organist personally, to discuss the selection of music, and to insure the organist is available. The organist will then discuss any questions regarding special music requests with the Pastor. Normally, it is not, necessary for the organist to be present at the wedding rehearsal, although that can be arranged by the present pastor.
  3. When the use of Church facilities other than the Sanctuary and changing rooms is requested an application must be filed through the church office. A fee schedule for such use will be provided.
  4. Decorations for the Sanctuary will be discussed with the Pastor and member of the Altar Guild before the wedding. You will need to schedule time for the decorations to be placed before the service and be removed after the service. Please instruct your florist not to use thumbtacks or tape anywhere in the Sanctuary.
  5. When a rehearsal is planned, please have all members of the Wedding Party present. We will plan the rehearsal time to last for no more than 1 (one) hour. This is important in order to avoid interfering with other events scheduled.
  6. Photographers and Videographers will need to talk with the Pastor for any restrictions. Notice will be given in bulletin and/or at the start of service that the congregation please refrain from taking flash photography during the service.
  7. For environmental reasons we ask that you use only soap bubbles as the couple leaves the building. Birdseed and rice are not allowed. Balloons may be used inside the building only.
  8. The marriage license should be obtained from the courthouse well in advance of the service (i.e. two weeks) and presented to the Pastor no later than the time of the rehearsal. Also, to simplify matters on the day of the wedding ceremony, it is requested that all fees be submitted to the church office before rehearsal.

Fees for Professional Services

For members of Zion UCC:

The fee for members is $260 to cover Organist and Custodian fees. A deposit of $50.00 will hold the date. The balance of $210.00 will be paid before the wedding rehearsal. Checks may be written to Zion United Church of Christ. There is no Pastor’s ‘fee’ for the wedding service of church members. An honorarium or ‘gift’ to the Pastor is left to the discretion of the couple. Also, there is no charge for the use of the Sanctuary for members.

For non-members:

The fee for non-members is $750.00. This covers all fees and services. A deposit of $50.00 will hold the date. The balance of $700.00 will be paid before the wedding rehearsal. Checks may be written to Zion United Church of Christ

If you would like to rent the kitchen and dining room for your wedding and/or reception, please refer to rental information on separate sheet.

The Wedding Party will be responsible for any damage to church property during the course of the rehearsal and/or wedding.

Both members and non-members will be chargedan additional fee of $500.00 will be required for weddings scheduled on holiday or holiday weekends. Holidays affected by this policy include New Year’s Day, Easter, Festival of the Christian Home (Mother’s Day), Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.