Bursar Job Description

Zion United Church of Christ

Lehighton, Pa. 18235

Position: Bursar

Term of Position: The Church Bursar is a volunteer elected by the Congregation to a three (3) year term  coinciding with the church fiscal year, January 1st to December 31st. The Bursar cannot be elected to a second consecutive term.

Purpose: To provide safe accounting of all monies and deposit such monies into a financial institution  in accordance with the Policies and Procedures of Zion United Church of Christ.

Qualifications: Experienced in general office skills and demonstrates proficiency in general bookkeeping  practices. Has no criminal convictions related to money matters and must be capable of  maintaining the confidentiality of the personal financial affairs of the Congregation’s  membership.


  1. Oversees Counter Teams in counting and recording all monies received directly-Worship Offerings, Sunday School Collections, Fund Raising Events.
  2. Schedules Counter Teams assignments and rotation.
  3. Ensures that all monies are accounted for in accordance with donor’s instructions.
  4. Follow all financial policies of Zion U.C.C.
  5. Ensures that monies are deposited in a timely manner-i.e. within two (2) days of a worship Service or other event.

Accountability: The Bursar is accountable to the Finance Committee and the Consistory of Zion United Church of   Christ.

Adopted by Consistory:   February 24, 2015