The Board of Christian Education met on February 19, 2017 with the following members in attendance: Pastor Bannerman; Tonia & Accalycia Schaeffer; Jen Fritz, Jen Lopata & Robin Heckman

Prayer and Devotion:  Our Daily Bread

Correspondence:  None

Upcoming Events

     * Santuary Dedication:  April 2nd (Story of Lazarus-Children's Message)

     * Palm Sunday:  April 9th- processional with donkeys; hand out branches

     * Easter Sunday:  April 16th- Egg Hunt/pastor's bunnies in the nursery

     * Music Sunday: May 14th

     * Confirmation:  May 21st

     * May 28th-No Sunday School (Memorial Day weekend)

     * Last SS Classes:  June 4th (VBS Preview-in Dining Room)

Good of the Order

    * Bibles- look over Robin's different types

Next meeting:  Sunday April 23rd after 10:15 worship service.