Board of Christian Education

Meeting Minutes March 8th, 2020

The meeting was called to order by Co-chairperson Brenda Buffington who offered a prayer to open the meeting.  Present:  Brenda Buffington, Beth Cressley, Brad Cressley Co-chairs, Shelly Harleman, Abbigail Buffington and Ally McGinley

There were no previous minutes to approve.

Correspondence:  Per a discussion with Pastor Frey, Confirmation will take place at the 10:15 service on Sunday, May  17th.

Old Business: 

  • Sunday school classrooms collected over $120.00 for the Heifer Project
  • The Christmas program led by Brad and Beth was coordinated by the Confirmation class seemed to work well and allowed the Confirmands to feel they were a necessary part of the church so we will continue this tradition next year.
  • Sunday school classrooms collected over $100.00 for Blanket Sunday.
  • One Great Hour of Sharing kick off was on March 1st and continues through March 22nd.  Boxes were distributed to students and progress will be recorded on the “thermometer” poster.
  • Cards were designed for shut ins by combined classrooms and Confirmation class.  They will be delivered when daffodils are given out to shut ins.

New Business:

  • Bibles will be given out to 7th grade students at the 10:15 service on May 3rd, 2020.
  • Easter activities for Sunday School will include an Egg hunt.  Confirmation Class will stuff the eggs with candy and gifts on Palm Sunday.  A sand art cross project is also being planned for Easter. 
  • Sundaes on Sunday.  As suggested by consistory president, Cathy Eckman, the Sunday school classes with have a make your own sundae event for students and their friends following the worship service on Sunday, May 3rd.  Bus stop snack ministry can distribute invitations in their bags prior to the event.
  • Discussion of possibly doing a “contemporary” version of the stations of the cross was discussed for Lent for next year…including items like a crown of thorns, vinegar, etc.  Older students can take the younger students through the stations.
  • All classes are OK with curriculum for the remainder of the year.

Last Day of Sunday School is May 17th, the day of Confirmation.  Classes will meet in the dining room and have a breakfast.  Activities for the younger kids will take place while the Confirmation Class practices for confirmation. 

Next meeting scheduled for April 19th after the 10:15 service.

A motion to adjourn meeting was made by Beth Cressley and seconded by Abbigail Buffington.

Respectfully Submitted,

Brad Cressley