February 28, 2018

Elders present: John Lopata, Dennis Blocker, and Barry Fisher

Deacons present: Tim Fritz, Chris Remaley, Bob Schaeffer, Tammy Green

Absent: Cleo Balliet

Also, present: Pastor Bannerman and Gail Klemka

Meeting was called to order with prayer by Pastor Bannerman at 7:05 p.m.

All motions recorded in these minutes were approved unanimously by this Consistory unless

noted otherwise.

CONSISTORY: Motion by John Lopata, seconded by Barry Fisher to accept the February 8, 2018 meeting minutes. Motion by Barry Fisher, seconded by Dennis Blocker to accept the January 2018

meeting minutes.

FINANCE COMMITTE REPORT: Sue Procina has been hired at the P/T Financial Secretary.

There is no report, should have one available for March.


PROPERTY COMMITTEE: Calendar sale netted $2,580.00. Roof issues have arisen. Children in

the gym unattended. Consistory needs to make a policy on disciplining.

MISSION OUTREACH: Meeting was held, Consistory will need meeting notes.

Motion by Tim Fritz, seconded by Chris Remaley to accept the committee reports.

PASTOR’S REPORT: Motion by Barry Fisher, seconded by Christine Remaley to accept the

Pastor’s report.


-Trisha Hettler @ Trisha Dance Extreme is interested in renting out Smith Auditorium.

-We have not heard anything from Narcotics Anonymous.

-All call system: A system that can call/text congregants. Bob will do some investigating and will talk

with MO.


-Employees can serve on the Mission Team

-Freezer purchase – Motion by Dennis Blocker, seconded by John Lopata to purchase a freezer and monies will come from the kitchen fund.

-Summer services – we will look at option to hold services in the downstairs or the auditorium. We are looking at way to cool down for the services. John will talk with Sy on recommendations for A/C. Pastor will talk with the worship team.

-Merle must make sure snow is taken care of for the ZOW shows.

-We will start making announcements in Church at 10:10.


-ZOW – Hello Dolly, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

-Fish Feast on March 30.

-Maundy Thursday March 29.

ADJOURNMENT: Motion by Tim Fritz, seconded by Barry Fisher to adjourn the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Tammy Green