May 30, 2018

Elders present: John Lopata, Barry Fisher and Dennis Blocker

Deacons present: Tim Fritz, Bobby Schaeffer, Cleo Balliet

Also present: Gail Klemka

Meeting was called to order with a devotion by Bob Schaeffer at 7:00 p.m.

All motions recorded in these minute were approved unanimously by this Consistory unless noted otherwise.


Visitors: Dr. James discussed the concerns facing Zion UCC


Zion has been contacted about a few people wanting to join Zion UC---Bob will reach out to them

Approval of the April Minutes:

---minutes were not presented at this time

Finance Committee Report:

----Karen has updated our finances for the past four months. April was a good month showing us over $6000 in the black for the month, however we are still over $21,000 in the red for the year. Motion to accept the report by Tim Fritz and Second by Barry Fisher

Committee Reports:

BOCE: Last day for Sunday School will be at 9a.m. on June Third with a Breakfast in the dinning room. Also Vacation Bible School will be held the week of July 15th in conjunction with Bethany EC

MISSION OUTREACH: Bobby will be working with Nancy

PROPERTY: small fire at the back of the garage has been taken care of, Elderhorst fix the three bells for $620, are looking at fixing the flashing on the slate roof over the tower door and old office entrance. Also waiting for quotes on placing AC in the auditorium.

PERSONNEL: looking to fill Karen’s position—have five applicants and will be doing interviews.

Motion by Barry Fisher and second by Cleo Balliet to accept the reports


Old Business: Discussion was held on pastoral search


New Business:

Bobby will be reaching out to the people who have shown interest in joining Zion UCC.

A suggestion was brought up about placing ads on the back of the bulletin. A motion was made by Bob and second by Tim to send this to the finance committee.

Denny Blocker, Barry and members of Property will do a walk through inspection of the Parsonage on June 13th.

Under Good of the Church: Bobby is going to reach out to Sharon about doing a Summer Meal to raise some funds for the church.

Resolution Of Respect:


Adjournment: Motion by Barry Fisher, seconded by Dennis Blocker to adjourn the meeting at 8:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

John J Lopata