Zion Consistory Meeting (Budget and Beaver Run Donation Only) 11/9/2020

Present: Steph Holland, Cathy Eckman, Denny Blocker, Barry Fisher, Geordan Vincent, Tammy Green (via phone call), David Riegel (via phone call)

Absent: Cleo Balliet

The draft of the budget is completed and needs to be approved to be sent to the congregation. December 13th is the target for the congregational meeting with December 20th as a snow date. Finance is submitting a 2% increase to Ken’s, Brad’s, Laura’s and Clark’s salary. Pastor Frey requested that his salary remain frozen at a previous consistory meeting. We are saving $10,000 from 2020 to 2021 and still be able to increase salaries by 2%. We kept $4,000 for training as a buffer. Denny and the finance committee did not see any issues with the budget. Zion Opera Workshop income was not included in the budget which caused a $2,500 decrease in revenue. They are not intending to do a 2021 show according to Denny but it was not relayed to all of us. This is exclusion is to keep the budget on the safe side in case COVID prevents a 2021 show.

Motion to send budget to congregation: Motion by Steph, Second Barry. Unanimous approval.

Finance committee is suggesting a small donation of $1,000 to Beaver Run for hosting our services from May to September. This amount was calculated by factoring in time, storage and parking space taken during the time for worship, etc. Geordan suggested having a special collection to gather the funds. Cathy suggested sending it back to Finance to see where we can pull the money. Denny would like Beaver Run to have the money before 1/1/2021. Finance is not having another meeting until after 1/1/2021. Cathy suggested that Denny, Gail and Karen find where the $1,000 would come from. Consistory agreed. Tammy stated we have a money market account about $35,000 she stated that we can borrow it and pay it back. Tammy also suggested that we can approach each committee and ask for a small donation from each committee. Gail suggested taking it out of the general operating account. Cathy ultimately suggested taking the $1,000 from the general operating fund now and then replenishing the account through the joyful noise collection.

Motion to use $1,000 from general operating then replenish from the joyful noise collection: Motion Steph Second David Unanimous approval.

Motion to adjourn: Steph Second: Barry