Zion UCC Consistory Minutes

Monday April 25th, 2022


Present: Cathy Eckman, Steph Holland, Dave Koch, Geordan Vincent, Julie Fisher, and Macie Hourt

Also Present: Gail Klemka

Present via Zoom: Dave Riegel

Absent: Cleo Balliet, Pastor Frey

Meeting called to order at 7:05pm with an opening prayer by Dave R.

Visitors: No visitors

Communications: Donation request from Lehighton Fire Department. Motion made by Dave R. to donate $250.00, seconded by Dave K.

Pastor Report: No Pastor’s report

Finance Committee: Received March financial report and meeting minutes from April 18th. At April meeting, outstanding projects were discussed. Motion made by Steph to accept March 2022 financial report, seconded by Julie.

Property Committee: Received April meeting minutes.

Mission Outreach Ministry: Received April meeting minutes.

Motion to accept committee reports made by Geordan, seconded by Dave R.

Old Business: 


Yard sale – Meeting with volunteers on May 1st between church services to discuss ideas.

Lottery/monthly – Still waiting on tickets to come in.

Also discussed possibility of yearly calendar. Dave K. to investigate. Discussed idea of advertising toward

the end of the year.

Increasing attendance in church and Sunday School

Cathy to reach out to Pastor Frey to determine status of reaching out to members.

Letter going in next visitor regarding youth group idea. Confirmation class still working on survey.


Communion still in individual packaging. Waiting until Fall to approach Altar Guild about communion.

New Business: Finance committee discussed idea of sponsors taking care of “gathering time” for donuts and coffee after church, taking place once per month. First 2 months have been sponsored. First gathering scheduled for May 1st. Also discussed possibility of sending survey to congregation members

to find out what types of activities would facilitate more involvement.

Good of the Church: Gathering time scheduled for May 1st. ZOW Jr. performances scheduled over

weekend of May 8th.

Resolution of Respect: Arlington Everett, Brandon Kuklentz, and Paul Eckert Jr.

Meeting adjourned at 8pm by Steph, seconded by Dave R.

Next meeting scheduled for May 23th, 2022 at 7:00pm

Respectfully submitted,

Macie R. Hourt