April 26, 2017


Elders present:  John Lopata, Dennis Blocker and Barry Fisher

Deacons present: Nancy Koch, Cindy Mengel-Smith, Tim Fritz, Christine Remaley, Judy Greig, Cleo Balliet and Bob Schaeffer

Absent: Tammy Green

Also present: Pastor Jennifer Bannerman

Meeting was called to order by President Bob Schaeffer at 7:05 p.m. and devotion given by Pastor Bannerman

All motions recorded in these minutes were approved unanimously by this Consistory unless noted otherwise.


                -Website issues (See old business)


                1) Family Promise asked if Zion can do a fund raiser for them.  It was decided that we will do a Joyful Noise collection on October 22nd and 29th


  • 1) Visitations---Denny and John gave a brief report on their visitations and have talked to five contacts; Barry and Pastor Bannerman have talked to one and have been turned down by some, Barry said it has been discouraging;  Bob and Tammy have not yet started.

***Only 13 surveys have been returned.

  • 2) Bingo on the 25th brought in $606;  so far over $7000
    1. Money from the Bingo will be used to pay for the website.  An email vote was taken and passed on a 5-2 vote to go with Penn Tela Data for approx..  $2100
  • 3) Fundraisers coming up: Mother’s Day Raffle and breakfast.  Also the Quilters are selling a quilt to raise money for Stoke The Fire.
  • 4) Fish Feast served 251 meals in 3 hours.  Special thanks to Cindy, Nancy, Pastor, the Kern’s and all the volunteers. The profit was approx.. $2200
  • 5) Men of Zion Breakfast ---Barry said they served about 76 people and raised over $500, money will be given to Stoke The Fire.

                6) Sunday School numbers continue to drop.

                7) Summer Program will be held again this year only if we can break even or make a profit cut off date is May 24th.

CONSISTORY MINUTES: Motion by Tim Fritz and second by Dennis Blocker to approve the March minutes.

FINANCE COMMITTEE REPORT: Gail reminded Consistory that groups doing fundraising must notify Karen where the money is to go and if transferring money to another account.

A motion by Cindy Mengel-Smith and second by Barry Fisher to accept the Finance Report was approved.


                1) Spiritual Council had a meeting prior to tonight’s Consistory Meeting.

                2) Property Committee: the committee has installed a new sink in the kitchen and the floor of the kitchen has been retiled.  Also a landscaper will be doing the backyard in the coming weeks.

                3) 100 year celebration---the Times News will be coming in Thursday to talk to Ken and Bob.

4) VBS will be taking place from June 18 to June 22nd.

Motion by Nancy Koch and Second by Barry Fisher to accept the committee reports.


PASTOR’S REPORT:  Motion by Judy Greig and second by Cindy Mengel-Smith to accept the report.


OLD BUSINESS:  The website is still down. With the vote we hope to have the site up shortly.

NEW BUSINESS:   This year’s Golf Tournament will be held on Saturday, August 12, 2017 at White Birch Golf Course.


A resolution was read to remember Donald Blaugh who has passed away.


Next meeting will be May 24, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. at Pastor Bannerman’s House at 94 Manor Drive in Bowmanstown.  There will be no meetings in June or July unless there is an emergency.  Next schedule meeting will then be August 2, 2017 at 7 p.m.

ADJOURNMENT:   Motion made by Cindy Mengel-Smith and second by Nancy Koch to adjourn the meeting at  8:33 p.m.