September 25, 2019



Present: Gail Klemka, Cathy Eckman, Barry Fisher, Tammy Green, Bob Schaeffer and Dennis Blocker

Also, present: Pastor Frey

Meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m. by Pastor Frey


All motions recorded in these minutes were approved unanimously by this Consistory unless noted otherwise.



-Conference asked Pastor to access our Church. Nationally only 15-20% of people attend Church. Culture has changed. We will have a covered dish luncheon in October and Pastor will address the attendees on the background of what’s going on with Church and where are we headed. Our outdoor service as been booked at Beaver Run Rod & Gun Club for September 13, 2020. Bobby – check with the state if we can invite children to a non-church function, we could put a note in with the bagged lunches.


-PNEC – adoption of continuing education requirements – they require 25 hours of continuing education.

-Dylan & Gavin 5K Remembrance weekend, Saturday, December 7, 2019. Sunday, December 8, 2019 will be the Worldwide Remembrance Service. They would also like to access the Church on Friday, December 6, 2019 for pre-registration. Motion by Barry Fisher, seconded by Tammy Green to approve use of the facility.

-Family Promise was never without insurance.

-Downtown Initiative, they are looking for sponsors. We can advertise their invite.

-December 27 through Dec 28 will be the Girl Scout Sleepover.

-We received a letter from Ken Leffler, Office Manager giving notice of his retirement January 1st, 2021. We should add additional funds into the budget for a trainee for approximately 4 months.

-Letter from Bonnie Bates – PNEC regarding the fall meeting on Saturday, November 2 at St. John UCC in Northampton.


FINANCE INVESTMENT COMMITTEE: Audit was completed. We are looking for copies of the donations and copies of the expenses from the golf tournament to be kept on file. Motion by Gail Klemka, seconded by Barry Fisher to accept the minutes.



PROPERTY: Committee is asking for $5,000 to be put in the 2020 budget for projects, motion by Gail Klemka, seconded by Tammy Green to add the request to the budget. Committee is getting yearly maintenance on air conditioning/boiler inspections. We will table until we get additional information.


Motion by Dennis Blocker, seconded by Barry Fisher to accept the committee reports.



-Sign was installed. We can promote all upcoming activities.

-Wall at the parsonage has been installed.

-Clark is doing an awesome job.


-Can we put biblical messages on the board/

-Can we charge a small fee for special messages through the Church (i.e., birthdays, anniversaries?)

-Have Kenny send a picture of the sign to the conference to see if any church is interested.


-Consistory would like to thank Dennis Blocker for all the parsonage work and the sign.



Irene Gehman.

ADJOURNMENT: Motion by Barry Fisher, seconded by Dennis Blocker to adjourn the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Tammy Green