Zion Consistory Meeting 1/25/2021

Present: Cathy Eckman, Barry Fisher, Geordan Vincent, Dave Riegel, Macie Hourt, Steph Holland

Absent: Tammy Green, Cleo Balliet

The reorganizational meeting minutes were sent this afternoon. Motion to approve last meetings minutes: Barry. Macie second

Finance reports were emailed out earlier this month. We ended the year in a surplus. Cathy, Barry and Macie will get more input on the finance report at the finance committee meeting tonight and report back to consistory. No report from Finance since they are meeting tonight Motion to approve the financial report Dave, second Geordan. Unanimous approval.

Property committee met and decided we need to go forward with roof repairs above the narthex. It is estimated to be $4,500. Funds for this project will come from the Capital Improvement account. Property has given a recommendation to go forward with roof repairs. Actual cost is $4,139 for one section + $380 for a second section this is for both materials and labor for both sections. Motion to go forward with the proposal Geordan, second Dave. Unanimous approval.

No other committees have met since last consistory meeting.

Motion to accept committee reports Barry, second Steph. Unanimous approval.

Annual congregational meeting on 2/7/2021 requires 40 for quorum. Snow date and lack of quorum date is 2/14/2021. We would need to have the meeting at the 10:15 service because there are many things to discuss.

Currently the church is closed to clubs and committees. We discussed to allow committees, confirmation, quilting and bell choir would like to come back. Trying to avoid extra need for Clark to do cleaning by spreading out dates of usage by three days. Confirmation is OK to come back since they only meet once a week in their own space. Unanimous approval. Committees in the gym is OK as well. This was unanimously approved as long as it is 3 days between different committees. Bell choir meets in the sanctuary after services. This was unanimously approved. Quilters use the nursery as well. Consistory is OK with them meeting again. They will also have to follow the 3 days between meetings rule so that Clark does not need to do extra cleaning. Committees need to schedule meetings with the office. This was unanimously approved.

Consistory members invited to help with temperatures and take collection to the alter for the 10:15 service.

Parsonage has paid for December. Denny covered the cost of the replacement of the refrigerator

Resolution of Respect – Ruth Hartman

Next meeting is February 22nd