March 27, 2023

Present: Stephanie Holland, Becky Worthy, Cindy Mengel-Smith, Tim Hunsicker, Julie Fisher, and Dave Koch

Absent: Tammy Green

Meeting was called to order at 7:02 by Stephanie Holland

APPROVAL OF FEBRUARY 27th MINUTES: Motion made by Becky and seconded by Dave

COMMUNICATIONS: 1. Donation request from Lehighton Fire Dept. Motion was made by Dave and seconded by Becky to donate the same as 2022. Approved

2. Donation request from The Sword Tag Society. Motion was made by Cindy and seconded by Tim to move this donation to Mission to address. Approved

3. Proposal from Gordon Ripkey to donate money to be handled through finance for flowers to be placed in a vase near a tree that is proposed to be planted in regards to Zion’s 150th Anniversary celebration.  It was questioned about the approval for the tree being planted and not being brought before the consistory. A motion was made to not approve the tree/vase over concerns relating to future impact from the roots to the structure of the church, retaining wall, and electrical wires under ground as well as the maintenance (trimming/cleaning up leaves, etc.) required to the tree/vase by Becky and seconded by Dave. Approved

4. The office is in need of a software migration from JOOMLA-3 to JOOMLA-4 by July 2023. Consistory has discussed and will be asking for additional information such as how much do we pay for the website and how many hits the website receives and we will discuss again at the next meeting.


Consistory reviewed the available reports from PROPERTY and MISSION and a motion was made to approve them by Cindy and seconded by Julie. Approved


Consistory reviewed the information presented by Karen relating to independent contractor versus employee guidelines from the IRS and the job descriptions for the churches PT Music Director and Organist as well as the church’s Personnel Policies and Procedures. A motion was made that we will make an amendment to the existing policy under Conflict of Interest Section to remove #3. (An employee and their spouse or immediate family member cannot simultaneously be employed in either a part-time or full time position at the Church) by Dave and Seconded by Tim. Since the hiring will be handled by the consistory, it will be at their discretion to consider if the person hired would cause any conflicts within the church.

Votes casted for the amendment – Julie – yes

                                                            Cindy – yes

                                                            Becky – yes

                                                            Steph – yes

The consistory has also decided that the Budget from the Music Dept will be required as of September 30th of each year for the following year but still looking for the information for 2022 year.

OLD BUSINESS: 1. Fundraising

*lottery tickets we will begin selling in April for the Memorial Day drawing,

*Tentative date for Clam Bake set for August 5th (we are checking into prices for clams and beer for the event and discussed also holding a 50/50 and having pull tickets (race cars) at the event

*Country Fair date set for Nov 4th and will be indoors

2. Surveys – still a work in progress and still new ones coming in but using what information we have when making current decision about the church/events

3. Door Cameras – no service fees associated with it

4. 150th Anniversary Walk- Becky is working with Trinity and it is set for May 13th at 5 as well as Ken working with Doyle Heffley’s office in obtaining citations

NEW BUSINESS: 1. Consistory will hold an adult Easter Egg Hunt for adults at 915 on Easter Sunday in the Sanctuary followed by Coffee and Desserts in the kitchen before the 1015 service.

2. Stephanie will get together with Pastor to get an understanding of his intent as being as Pastor at Zion.


ADJOURNMENT: Motion made by Dave and seconded by Julie. Approved        

Submitted by,

Stephanie Holland