Zion UCC Consistory

May 29,2019

Present: Barry Fisher, Gail Klemka, Cathy Eckman, Cleo Balliet, Dennis Blocker, Tammy Green and Bob Schaeffer.

Absent: Chris Remaley

Meeting was called to order by Bob Schaeffer at 7:25 p.m.


Lehighton Fire Department – motion by Dennis Blocker seconded by Barry Fisher to donate $100.

Finance Committee Report

Motion by Dennis Blocker, seconded by Barry Fisher to transfer $637.50 to Mission checking for addendum to the Financial Procedure/Bequest Procedure date 11/24/13. 10% of all undesignated funds will be transferred to the mission checking.

We will gather a list of the designated funds for memorials.

Motion by Tammy Green, seconded by Cathy Eckman to invest $100,000 into Zions new Vanguard account until guidelines are established by finance for the Zion Remaley 2050 fund. Roll call – Barry – yes, Gail -yes, Cleo – yes, Dennis – yes, Bobby – yes.

Committee Reports

Property – Forest Inn Kiln will be looking at the doors. Water is coming from the caps into Smith Auditorium – are the turrets under warranty. The bell tower is complete. The church sign is in the works. The parsonage wall will be fixed in June.

Motion by Dennis Blocker, seconded by Barry Fisher to accept the committee reports.

New Business:

Church picnic will be held in September at Beaver Run. We need to pick a date.

Resolution of Respect

John Williams

Motion by Bob Schaeffer, seconded by Barry Fisher to adjourn at 8:50 p.m.