September 20, 2018

Elders present: John Lopata, Barry Fisher and Dennis Blocker

Deacons present: Tammy Green, Bobby Schaeffer and Cleo Balliet

Also present: Gail Klemka, treasurer; and Pastor Frey

Meeting was called to order with a devotion by Pastor Frey at 7:03 p.m.

All motions recorded in these minute were approved unanimously by this Consistory unless noted otherwise.


Visitors: No Visitors


  1. 9/7---St.Peter’s U.C.C. in Tremont, Pa.---Church hit by floods asking for any financial help we can give. It was decided to have a Joyful Noise offering in two weeks and consistory will try to match it.
  2. 9/18--Lehighton Ambulance---asking for a donation to help with purchase of new equipment. Motion by Dennis and Second by John to send a $100 donation.
  3. 8/27--A motion was made by Barry and second by Dennis to drop the Terrorism Risk Insurance. This will save the church $518 a year.

Approval of the June Minutes:

---minutes were not presented at this time

Finance Committee Report:

----July report showed church in the black for the month, but August showed us in the red for the month. For the year $36,433.00 in the red. This does not include the transfer of funds from the small games of chance which will reduce the deficit. Motion to accept the report by Barry Fisher and Second by Cleo Balliet

Gordon Ripkey will sit down with Bob and Dennis to discuss double billing in our portfolio.

Committee Reports:

BOCE: The New year of Sunday School will begin on October 7, 2018 and will be at 9 a.m. Confirmation will be from 9 to 9:45 and be led by Brad and Beth Cressley. Other volunteers are Jen Lopata and Tonia Schaeffer as co-directors; also Jen Hunsicker and Nancy Koch; Brenda and Abby Buffington

MISSION OUTREACH: A thank you goes out to the Mission Outreach team for organizing the outdoor service.

PROPERTY: Light panel in the sanctuary is being worked on; Roof project almost complete---a change order was approved to have Romano fix areas were the stone had separated this is an extra cost. Romano also noted a possible problem with the flashing on the parsonage roof.

The alarm system company has been in to fix the system. Seems to have been some wires pinched in the wall and one wired not connected to the proper terminal in the main box. This caused the system to go off at 2:30 a.m. System is now fixed.

WORSHIP TEAM: Pastor Frey asked that the Christmas Services be at 4 p.m. (family) and 8 p.m. (Regular Candle light) on Christmas Eve. He said Brad and Laura can make it for both. There will also be a service of affirmation.

Motion by Barry Fisher and second by John Lopata to accept the reports


Old Business: Girl Scouts---another group would like to use the church for meetings. Bob is going to talk to all groups using the church to see if they can meet on just two different nights so the church is not open every night of the week.

Parsonage---Bob sent a letter to the tenants that they must be out by 10/1/18. Discussion was held about the condition of the house and the amount that is owed to the borough.


New Business:

Former Pastor’s Office---was approved for Ken to Store Office records in the office along the wall. Altar Guild will store their items in the back room of the office. Brad will Store Music from the Cantatas along one wall in the office.

Motion was made by John and second by Dennis to remove Sue Rhodes Procina from the check registry.

Motion was made by John and second by Dennis to add Carol Ritter as the third person to the check registry.

Good of the Church:

Consistory sends out a big thank you to all people who helped in planning and all things that dealt with this year’s golf tournament.

Motion was made to move $29,000.00 from the Investment Trust Fund to the Organ Fund. Following the New Year a new line item budget is to be created for the Clock, Bells and chimes where this money will then be transferred. Motion by Barry and second by Dennis. Yes votes were from, John Lopata, Dennis Blocker, Barry Fisher, Cleo Balliet and Bob Schaeffer. Motion Carried 5-0. There will be a congregational meeting on October7, 2018 to get their approval.

ESTATE SALE---Dennis Blocker will be holding a estate sale at Martha Ronemus’ house on Saturday, September 29, 2018. All proceeds will be donated to the church.

TENTATIVE BUDGET FOR 2019---Gail an Dennis went over a tentative budget for the new year.

Resolution of Respect:

Tom Klemka

Adjournment: Motion by Barry Fisher, seconded by Dennis Blocker to adjourn the meeting at 9:25p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

John J Lopata