Finance Committee Meeting Minutes

Zion UCC

March 21, 2017

Meeting called to order at 7:05 pm.  Pastor Bannerman offered a prayer.  Members present included Cheryl Kunkle, Dan Kunkle, Jeff Roth, Gail Klemka.   Financial Secretary Karen Ernst was excused. 

The minutes of the January 2017 meeting were approved as submitted.   

Financial secretary report:

  • $12,294.81 deficit YTD 2017.   All of the bills are in for the Campaign as 3/31/17.
  • Small Games of Chance profit $6469.41 as of 2/28/17.
  • Gratitude of Faith Campaign $620.00. RECOMMENDATION by Gail and second by Cheryl TO CONSISTORY TO DESIGNATE THIS TO THE BOILER CAMPAIGN. 

Total cost $152,34.00.

                Total Contributions - $ 31,237.50

                Deficit - $32,018.88

  1. The groups of the church have not yet been approached about a contribution to this deficit. Pastor Bannerman will follow up with Bob Schaeffer at meeting on Thursday regarding the letter that should go out to the various groups.


  1. Get publicity out on the Gratitude of Faith Campaign. Plug this through Easter.
  2. Find another challenger for May.  Do this before summer months.
  3. The Leadership (Consistory) of the Church can come up with a challenge to the congregation.  This is recommended to be a match challenge.  Set the bar (ie. 2:1 ) depending on the amount that is contributed by the Consistory.   Congregation sees the leadership doing this will be a strong message.
  4. We still have envelopes

Next Meeting Date: 5/16/17

Respectfully submitted:  Cheryl Kunkle