Zion United Church of Christ

Finance Committee Meeting

April 17, 2022

     The Finance Committee of Zion United Church of Christ convened a meeting on this date at 6:40 P.M. in the Brooks-Cope Room.

     Members Present:  Dennis Blocker-Chairperson, Brian Metzger-Treasurer, Gail Klemka, Gordon Ripley, Barry and Julie Fisher and Robert Schaeffer Jr.  Cleo Balliet was absent.

     Mr. Blocker read the minutes from the Finance Committee Meeting held on January 16, 2023.  He also read a supplement from Zion’s Financial Consultant dated January 20, 2023.  As the minutes were read, each topic was discussed.

     Concerning church membership, Mr. Leffler’s suggestion of Spiritual Council reviewing membership inactivity.  There was a lot of discussion on removing members from the rolls to allowing them to remain as Friends of Zion.  At a minimum, a letter should go out to the inactive members requesting financial assistance and attendance at communion.

     Barry Fisher stated that the exhaust vent upgrade was completed but it is still questionable if it addresses the cold air situation.  Staff will be monitoring.

     Barry Fisher also reported that Romano will be preparing another estimate to repair the roof and remove the turrets.  It was questioned if the $ 9,000.00 he received was applied to other repairs.  Romano also submitted a bid to repoint the chimney and install a liner at a cost of $ 40,000.00.  Another bid in the amount of $ 60,100.00 from Blue Mountain Chimney Sweeps was also received.  While on the topic, Robert Schaeffer Jr. made a motion, seconded by Barry Fisher to take $ 20,000.00 from our emergency 1160.10 fund and $ 20,000.00 from our 1160.15 emergency repair fund to pay for this repair.  Motion carried.

     The issue of Laura Reichard has been resolved by making her an employee of Zion. The section of the church’s personnel policy which prohibits the hiring of 2 members from the same family shall be rescinded.

     Under new business, everyone agreed the church is a financial burden on our membership.  Unless we can find ways to bring in more income, our church will be following the many in our area that have closed.  Some ideas shared included a meeting with Consistory and the Congregation brainstorming, day care center, weddings and meet with the Carbon Chamber of Economic Development.  This is a task for all members.

     Karen was unable to provide us with a March financial statement.  February is showing we are in the red      $ 6,786.08 with a YTD in the red of $ 9,918.96.

     Mr. Ripkey indicated all TD Ameritrade accounts are meeting our goals in a very volatile market.

     It was decided to set a date for our next meeting after a committee reviews our member surveys and we invited Consistory to our meeting.

      Meeting adjourned at 9:00 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Dennis E. Blocker