May Mission Outreach Team Meeting

The Mission Outreach Team met on Thursday May 17, 2019. Before the meeting, the team packed 40 snack bags for distribution to the school bus children on Friday May 18, 2019.

Members present: Joann Blew, Katy Grenfell, Nancy Koch, Cheryl Kunkle, Cindy Mengel-Smith, and Beverly Moser.

A summary of the MOC activities since the last meeting were discussed.


The daffodils, purchased from the American Cancer Society, were distributed to Zion’s shut-ins. The flowers were greatly appreciated by the recipients. Thanks to Joann Blew for sponsoring the purchase and to everyone who helped to deliver the daffodils.

The One Great Hour of Sharing campaign raised $641.77.

Bowl for Kid’s Sake, which supports the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program, raised $285.00

It was noted that Ken Leffler did an awesome job preparing the MOC write-ups for the bulletin and The Visitor.

Old Business

The Hoops for Hope event, which supports the Family Promise program, was cancelled. Another fundraiser for the Family Promise program will be held on May 26th at the Butterfly Sanctuary on Route 903 near Jim Thorpe. The money collected for the Hoops for Hope basket raffle event was used to purchase materials to fill two baskets and two gift cards for the basket raffle for this event.

Shelby Yeakel will hold the Yoga class this Saturday May 18th at 9:30am in the dining room. Nancy and Cheryl will come early to set up the room. Nancy will bring fruit and yogurt; Cheryl will bring bottled water and Joann will make blueberry muffins.

New Business

School Snack Bag Program

The group discussed the validity of continuing the school snack bag program. Those that distributed the bags noted that the children and parents were appreciative of the effort. It was decided to continue the program when the school year starts again in September. It was also decided to continue with the packing and distribution procedures used in the 2018-2019 school year. The validity of the snack bag inventory list was also evaluated. It was decided that an inventory list will be made in September and will include the date snack items expire so that older items are distributed first. The list will be updated by the packing team after each packing session. Therefore, it will no longer be necessary for Beverly to make a new inventory list each month.

Cheryl texted Sharon Berger to inform her that the remaining snacks in the food pantry are for her to use for the summer lunch program. No donations for the snack bag program will be collected over the summer.

The snack bag distribution schedule for the upcoming school year will be determined at the next meeting.

Toiletries Care Packages

No donations for this program will be collected over the summer. Beverly will remove the collection tote from the Narthex.

Chili Cook-off for a Cause

The details were planned for the Chili cook-off to be held in the dinning room after the 10:15am church service on June 9th.

Chery will have a slide show presentation loop explaining the Guatemala Healing Hands Foundation mission work and will be available to answer any questions.

The entry fee for the contestants is $5. The sign-up date deadline is Sunday June 2nd. To date, only two people have signed up to cook chili. If we have less than 6 people sign up to make chili the event will be cancelled. The participation fee to taste the chili and vote is $3. Each participant will receive 1 ticket with which to vote.

Moving forward on an optimistic note, the following commitments were made:

  • Cheryl has ordered ice cream cakes for dessert and will purchase bottled water and the small bowls for tasting the chili.
  • Nancy will purchase a case of iced tea, purchase the prizes, provide the start -up money and ask for volunteers to make desserts if necessary.
  • Beverly will get the cans and cash box (used during the country fair) for voting, donations and purchases. She will also make a dessert.
  • Katy will purchase the crackers, grated cheese, hot sauce, and sour cream. She will also make a dessert.
  • Joann will make a dessert and made a monetary donation to help defray expenses.
  • Cindy will purchase the hot dogs and rolls and make a crockpot of chili to sell. She will also make the menu signs and voting tickets.

Hot dogs will sell for $1 each, chili dogs $1.50, and a bowl of chili will be $3.00. One free drink will be provided with purchase. Desserts, coffee and tea will be free. A donation jar will also be set up.

Upcoming events

July/August – collection for the Dylan & Gavin ministry for children in the hospital? Nancy will check with Lora Krum and Ken to see if items are needed before we decide to start collection.

September – outside service and picnic at Beaver Run. Nancy will speak with Pastor Frey to determine the date.

The Mission Outreach team will not meet in June or July. The next meeting will be held on Thursday August 8th at 6:30pm. These meetings are open to everyone at Zion. Please feel free to stop in to offer you ideas, help or support!