December Mission Outreach Team Meeting

The Mission Outreach Team met on Thursday December 12, 2019.

Members present: Joann Blew, Linda Clay, Katy Grenfell, Nancy Koch, Cheryl Kunkle, Cindy Mengel-Smith, and Beverly Moser.

The team packed 45 bus stop snack bags for the December 13th distribution. Beverly and Romaine will take responsibility for the early distribution. Nancy and Linda will take responsibility for the late distribution.

Joanne purchased the poinsettias for the Zion shut-ins. The poinsettia plants and angel ornaments, donated by the Dylan & Gavin Rainbow Ministry, were divided among the members for distribution to the shut-ins.


Thank-you letters were received from the following organizations:

  1. United Church of Christ for Zion’s donation of $287.04 to support hurricane relief -the donation was divided between

International and USA disaster relief programs

  1. Dylan & Gavin Rainbow Ministry for Zion’s donation of $500
  2. Bethany Children’s Home for our support of the Christmas gift program.

A letter was also received from Turn to Us requesting financial help to build a sensory gym.

Old Business

Heifer International – A total of $670 was collected, allowing us to purchase a heifer for $500, a goat for $120, honeybees for $30, and flock of chicks for $20.

The Dylan & Gavin Rainbow remembrance service, held on Dec 8th, was once again a very moving and healing experience for those who attended. Nancy, Katy, and Cindy helped to set-up and serve refreshments to the group.

White Gift Sunday for Bethany Home will be held on December 15th. Linda Clay and her husband will deliver the gifts to Bethany Home after the church service.

New Business

The group discussed the continuation of the Sunday Mission Moments. It was decided to continue with this program and to try to have a mission moment twice a month. One Sunday would be to educate the congregation about the various groups the Mission Outreach team tries to support, and the second Sunday would be to encourage the congregation to support this effort with contributions in the green envelopes.

The schedule of upcoming Mission Moments was reviewed.

Dec. 15th – Krista Brown Ly will speak about Family Promise

Jan. 12th – Cheryl will talk about her very successful and fulfilling trip to Guatemala with the Healing Hands Organization

Feb. 3rd – Blanket Sunday – we will ask Pastor Frey if he will talk about this program with his puppets

We will try to schedule the following organizations for presentations:

  1. Turn to Us – Jan. 5th or 19th
  2. Peaceful Knights – Feb. 16th
  3. Phoebe Home - March

Distribution of Funds

The committee requests that the financial secretary distribute funds to the following organizations:

Heifer International - $670.00

Family Promise - $700.00

Phoebe Homes - $500.00

Bethany Children’s Home - $500.00

St. Peter’s Community Center - $300.00.

The Mission Outreach team will meet on Thursday Jan. 9th at 6:30 pm to pack the school snack bags. No meeting will be held in January.

The Mission Outreach team will meet on Thursday Feb. 6th at 6:30 pm to pack the school snack bags. A meeting will be held at approximately 7 pm, after the bags are packed and inventory updated.

These meetings are open to everyone at Zion. Please feel free to stop in to offer your ideas, help or support!