September Mission Outreach Team Meeting

The Mission Outreach packing team met on Thursday Sept. 8, 2022 at 6:30 pm. They packed 55 snack bags for distribution to the school children on Friday.  The snack inventory was updated.

The complete team met after the packing was complete. The snack inventory was reviewed. Linda will purchase 15 rice krispy treats for the Oct. packing.

Members present: Joanne Blew, Linda Clay, Jen Lopata, Nancy Koch, Cheryl Kunkle, Cindy Mengel-Smith, Beverly Moser, and Tracy Newton.


A thank-you letter was received for our monetary donation from the following organization:

Dylan & Gavin Rainbow Ministry

A letter was received from the Zion 150th anniversary committee asking if Nancy would be interested in serving on the committee as a representative from MOC.  Nancy declined the offer. She asked if anyone on the MOC team was interested, no one volunteered.

Old Business

Cheryl decided not to participate in the Family Promise Cycle Out Homelessness 5K Run.

Bev and Ken have finished the preparations for the NIN campaign in October.

Representatives from the Saint Peter’s would like to present information regarding their new outreach program to Zion’s consistory. Cathy Eckman will make the arrangements. It was decided that two Mission Outreach members should also be present at the meeting.

The details of this Sunday’s Outdoor Church service were reviewed. Members should be at the Beaver Run Rod & Gun club by 9:30 am to help set-up. Sharon Berger graciously volunteered to have all the condiments and utensils packed in a box for pick-up. Barry volunteer to provide all the ice.  Since some members of the congregation suggested having games available for after the service, Nancy will bring bean bags and ladder ball. Cindy will bring lawn darts.

New Business

Bev attended the recent LIFE meeting. She reported that the Crop Walk will not be held this year, but the group is hoping to hold the event in 2023.  The group is still sponsoring the Dial a Devotion program. A new storage location for the LIFE furniture bank is under discussion.

Chili Cook-off

The team planned the final details of the chili cook-off. It will be held on Sunday October 23rd after the 10:15 am church service. It was decided to have the cause for this fund raiser as undesignated funds for relief for unforeseen needs/disasters.

The entry fee for the contestants is $5. The sign-up date deadline is Sunday October16th. Registration forms will be in the back of the church and can be given to Cindy or put in the mail slot of the church office.

There will be prizes for the 1st and 2nd place contestants. First prize will be $25 cash, and second prize will the $5 entry fee.

The participation fee to taste the chili and vote is $3.  Each participant will receive 1 ticket with which to vote.

Bowls of the contestant’s chili will be sold for $3, and pint containers of chili will be sold for $5. Hot dogs will be sold for $1,

Chili dogs - $1.50, beverages - $1.  Dessert, coffee and tea will be free. A donation jar will also be set up.

Katy volunteered to donate the 1st place cash prize and purchase hot sauce.

Nancy will purchase a case of iced tea, sour cream and crackers, provide the start-up money, and make a dessert.

Beverly will get the cans and cash box (used during the country fair) for voting & donations, and make a dessert.

Tracy will make a dessert and purchase pint containers.

Linda will purchase the hot dog rolls.

Cheryl will purchase bottles of water and small bowls or cups for tasting.

Joanne will purchase soda and make a dessert.

Cindy will make the voting tickets, and signs for the cans, and provide the hot dogs and chili to sell.

We will check to see if the kitchen has bowls and plastic spoons we may use.

2023 Goals

The team reviewed this year’s goals for the distribution of funds and put together tentative goals for 2023.  Cindy will talk to Pastor Fry regarding an organization which supports the American Indians to replace the NIN special appeal.

Distribution of Funds

The committee requests that the financial secretary distribute funds to the following organization:

Healthy Smiles - $250

The assigned packers will meet on Thursday Oct. 13th at 6:30 pm to pack the school snack bags.

 A team meeting will be held at approximately 7 pm, after the bags are packed.

These meetings are open to everyone at Zion. Please feel free to stop in to offer your ideas, help or support!