November Mission Outreach Team Meeting

The Mission Outreach Team did not meet on Thursday Nov. 16, 2018 due to the snow storm. Snack bags were not packed and the distribution to the school bus children on Friday Nov. 17, 2018 was cancelled. A team meeting was conducted via e-mail.

Old Business

A summary of the MOC activities since the last meeting were discussed.

Movie Night, on Nov. 11th, was attended by 9 people included 3 MO members. Generous donations of toiletry items were received for the needy in our area, and $15 was donated to Quilts of Valor from the sale of refreshments.

The time line for donations to the Heifer International organization was extended to Nov.25th.  The preschool & kindergarten children are collecting money for chicks; the 1st, 2nd, 3rd grade children are collecting money for rabbits; and the 4th, 5th, 6th grade children are collecting money for alpacas.  The Congregation has been challenged to donate enough money to purchase a Heifer.

Snack bags for the December distribution will be packed on Thursday December 13th. Nancy will wait until after Thanksgiving to check with the ladies in Pew 10 to see if they want to try to bag at 3:30pm (as planned for Nov. but cancelled due to snow).  She will also check with everyone that was originally scheduled to distribute for both early and late distribution in November to see if they are available to help in December. Donations are being received from Zion members for the needed food items posted in the bulletin.

It was suggested by Bev & Ken that MO come into the church the week before distribution and see what is in “stock” from the contributions for our snack bags since we have gotten odd amounts and different kinds of items donated.   We would also be packing the bags in the "food pantry" room where the items are stored and Nancy was informed there are tables in the room. The string cheese and fruit would be in the mini fridge in the Brookes-Cope room. Bev has offered to see what is in the pantry room, however, it would still mean individual items would then need to be purchased.   Originally items were to be purchased by Ken from grant money.    It also hasn't been clarified if Ken will have the items on the table in advance as in the past.   Cindy & Nancy decided we will make this process/decision part of the time it takes the night we pack the bags rather than finding time to come into the church another time.   If this becomes too time consuming or cumbersome then we will determine if we will continue with this mission or stop it at the end of the school year. 

New Business

The Compassionate Friends Remembrance Service will be held on Sunday Dec. 9th.  The service begins @ 6:30 pm and last approx. 30 – 40 min.   Cindy & Nancy will arrive at 6 pm to greet guests at Narthex and take their refreshments to the dining room.  We do not need to supply the baked goods – the guests bring them.  Barry will arrive at 6:30pm. We will help get coffee started, organize refreshments, plates, etc. while the service is taking place then we will all remain to clean up & tear down. If someone else is available to come around 7pm for the clean-up detail, we could work in shifts. Please let Nancy know if you are available to help.

Nancy, Cindy and Bev are planning to help to fill the goodie bags for the Snowflake runners/walkers at the church on Dec. 6th @ 6:30pm. Additional help would be appreciated, so if anyone else would like to help, please feel free to be at the church at that time.

Zion will once again sponsor the White Gifts for the Bethany Children’s Home. A “wish list” of gift ideas will be printed in the bulletin & Visitor, and a table will be set up in the Narthex to receive the gifts. The deadline for white gift donations is Sunday December 16th. Judy Greig & Bobby Schaeffer & family offered to deliver the White Gifts to Bethany Home.

Joanne Blew informed Nancy she will be purchasing the poinsettia plants for the Zion shut-ins the Thursday after the first Sunday of Advent and keep them at her home for watering.  She will work with Ken to obtain a current list of shut-in members. Joanne will then notify Nancy in regard to MO helping to distribute the plants.

The Mission Outreach team will meet on Thursday December 13th at a time to be determined (please watch the Sunday bulletin) to plan the January activities. These meetings are open to everyone at Zion. Feel free to drop in to offer you ideas, help or support!