March Mission Outreach Team Meeting

The Mission Outreach Team met on Thursday March 12, 2020.  

Members present: Joanne Blew, Linda Clay, Katy Grenfell, Nancy Koch, Cheryl Kunkle, Cindy Mengel-Smith, and Beverly Moser.

The team packed 41 bus stop snack bags for the March 13th  distribution. Beverly, Violet and Romaine will take responsibility for the early distribution. Nancy and Cheryl will take responsibility for the late distribution.


Thank-you letters were received from the following:

  • Turn To Us Inc. for Zion’s donation of $250.00
  • Family Promise for Zion’s donation of $500.00
  • Bethany Children’s Home for Zion’s donation of $250.00
  • Zion for the Mission Outreach team donation of $75 in memory of Elaine Dunkle.

Old Business

Nancy investigated the financial spending of the Big Brothers/Big Sisters organization. Based on her findings, the team decided not to donate funds to this organization in 2020. The team will reevaluate the organization in 2021. 

The team discussed the request received last month from Carolyn Quinn requesting a donation to support the Caregiver Day of Pampering to be held on 4/18/20.  It was decided to donate $150 for this event.

The Blanket Sunday campaign raised $836.04.

New Business

Mission Moments:

The Phoebe Ministries representative has been reluctant to return Cindy’s phone calls.  She will try one more time contact them to schedule a Mission Moment for the end April.

One hundred daffodils were ordered from the American Cancer Society. The team will pick up the flowers at Joanne’s home either on March 18th or 19th and distribute them to the fourteen Zion shut-ins.

The team discussed ways to support Nick Newton who is currently serving in the Peace Corp in Africa. It was decided to hold a chili cook-off on June 14th. Proceeds of the event will be used to support the needs of the community in which Nick is stationed.

The team decided to table the planning of a Yoga day until the April meeting.  The tentative date would be May 16th.

The team was informed that consistory set the date of this year’s outdoor service for Sunday Sept. 13th and that the Beaver Run facility has been reserved.

Distribution of Funds

The committee requests that the financial secretary distribute funds to the following organizations:

Caregiver Day of Pampering - $150.00

LIFE - $250.00

Blanket - $836.04

The Mission Outreach team will meet on Thursday Apr. 16th  at 6:30 pm to pack the school snack bags. A meeting will be held at approximately 7 pm, after the bags are packed and inventory updated. 

These meetings are open to everyone at Zion. Please feel free to stop in to offer your ideas, help or support!