August property

Present: Dave Koch, John Lopata, Barry Fisher, Ted Smith, Clark, Sy Kipp

  • 1) Affordable came in to check AC units, Gallery unit not working
  • 2) Hanky needs to come in to clean traps and check boilers before winter
  • 3) Transom and doors project will move forward
  • 4) Control security came in and changed alarm batteries in office and food pantry
  • 5) Control Security replaces sensor on side door
  • 6) Gym bathroom done
  • 7) Clark needs power tools
  • 8) Does country fair have town permission to use Iron street area
  • 9) Kathy Eckman donated motor for old kitchen fan
  • 10) Still looking for freezer
  • 11) Garage owner parking car in back lot. Need to tell him he cannot park there
  • 12) Continue to look for mason for chimney
  • 13) Outside light bulbs spots need replacing with LEDs

14)  Cumberland stained glass work put on hold