January 2021 Property

Barry, Dave, Sy, Ted attended

1) Property needed to meet off site

2) Relay on HVAC to be worked on by Sy

3) Hanky needs to bring sump pump

4) Family bathroom still need repair

5) Mason Bruce Snyder agreed to contract to fix chimney. Dave motion second Sy, -pass

6) Clark done working on stonework cracks

7) Decided to review all service contracts and decide on continuation

8) Clark replaced window by elevator

9) Parsonage railing work ongoing

10) Ken needs to get LED bulb sample from Amazon

11) Roman checked where roof leaks in Fatzinger. He thinks coming from siding. Other leaks maybe coming thru bricks. Sanctuary leaks may be coming from flashing. Roman will quote repairs if requested. He can do flashing now but brickwork leaks have to wait for warmer weather. Clark and Barry will hang plastic over bricks.

Meeting closed Sy motion Dave second- Pass