Property Committee Meeting Minutes

February 12, 2020

  • 1) Baut studios gave presentation on front door replacement. After contract is  signed, it takes  10-12 weeks to get doors, they install. 3-4 days for construction. Ted made motion to send bid to consistory for approval. Dave Koch second.
  • 2) Motion made by Dave Koch to replace toilets in ladies’ room from property budget. Second by Ted
  • 3) Ken miller got updated quote to include Fatzinger gallery in AC unit’s maintenance. Cost is$400 more They do not want to bid on boiler maintenance. Ted made motion to go with Affordable Comfort bid. Dave Koch second.
  • 4) Hankey coming next week to scope drains.  Traps need to be checked in future. Also tower radiator needs to be looked at.
  • 5) Parsonage renter not allowing garage to use parsonage power due to outside lights on same circuit. Can we remove light bulbs to resolve issue?
  • 6) Barry got lights for sanctuary stained glass windows. Need to buy bulbs. Can they be converted to LED?

Barry Fisher-Chairperson