• Hanky called to look at boilers. Float switch bad. Barry asked hanky to set up maintenance visits. Radiator was leaking in Kens office. Problem was traps. In spring Hanky will check all traps.
  • Hanky suggests installing water meter on boilers to monitor water usage.
  • High water usage caused by faucets eft on and possibly toilets. Will look at fixing all faucets toilets that are faulty.
  • Hanky will scope sewer lines to determine condition.
  • Lyons was called to check on water coming from radiators. Turn water off to boilers if water comes from radiators.
  • Barry talked to Thermal True for doors but they do not do installations. Baut Aluminum Doors sending estimate. New doors will include stained glass from old doors. Baut fabricates and installs. Doors can wait until summer.
  • Ken Miller contacted Affordable Comfort for maintenance contract for air conditioners. Waiting on response.
  • Barry contacted masonry person, Greg Laurey,, maybe he is interested in doing stone work. He has not yet responded. Masonry Restoration doesn’t want job.
  • Romano called to look at roofing. He has not set uptime to come. Light shining thru slate roof peak over auditorium.
  • Clark wants to start shampooing rugs. He will rent shampooer.
  • Curtain for dining room stairs still being addressed. Still looking for proper size.
  • Auditorium chairs being repaired by quilt ladies.
  • Wheel broke on table cart. Quilt ladies buying new table cart.
  • Clock tower needs lights replaced. Barry will work on converting to LED.
  • Looking for donations for LED bulbs to replace fluorescents.