Property Committee Minutes for Wednesday, December 13, 2017 in the Brooks Cope Room of the church

Meeting started at 7:00 p.m.   All Motions passed unanimously unless noted.

Minutes approved from November meeting

Attendance:  John Lopata, chairman; Ted Smith, Dave Koch, Barry Fisher and Merle Gerstenberg ( Custodian)

The following items are on the back burner until money is available:

1) fixing the railing in front of the church—Barry is working with a guy about possible solution

2) need to look at the condition of the front doors of the sanctuary and possibly replace.

3) wall along the side walk of the parsonage needs to be addressed .  Barry is talking to the person who did the back yard.

The stone caps on the stone wall in the back yard have been installed along with a no parking sign except for church business.

The Property Committee is doing a lottery ticket. Anyone who would like to purchase a ticket can get them from any property committee member or Ken in the office.  If anyone would like to help sell them they can be picked up in the office or from John Lopata.

Barry and Merle have started to install the new LED lights in the four bulb fixtures in the hallway and the dining room.

H T Lyons---has been in twice within a two week period---once to fix the outdoor sensor ,the other to replace a leaking pipe. Ted was going to ask HT Lyons to reimburse the church for the 8 way product that they drained out of the system right after we filled the boiler.

The side metal handicapped and gym doors need work. Some rust at the bottom of the frames.

The Sanctuary Light dimmer panel is not working, Dave Krum is working on it.

Under new business,  Merle and John went up on the roof to clean out the drains because the main one was blocked and caused water to come into the one closet.

Curtains were installed to cover the bingo board and to cover the foam insulation on the dining room window.

Water bill showed that from October 15 to November 15 we used 21000 gallons of water.  All other months we used no more than 3200.  Barry was checking into this with the borough.

A motion was made by Barry and second by Dave to start replacing the old toilets in the downstairs bathrooms with more efficient ones one at a time when money becomes available. Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.   (Motion Ted & Barry)

Next meeting will be January 7, 2018 after the 10:15 service