October Property


  • 1) Romano to give estimate on Iron street gutters. Gutters are correct size. Romano will look at.
  • 2) Clark to clean up leftover debris from Eshbach. Eshbach coming back to work on left turret. Eshbach reports concrete castings fractured and allowing water in. Can to temporary tarps to cover turrets. Romano can do copper capping on towers. Cracked material needs to be spray sealed. Is it possible to take down any concrete structures? Should we put up scaffolding and leave up until work is done?
  • 3) Water now dripping in back of sanctuary by pew.
  • 4) Kean in contact with Barry to possibly do stonework instead of Eshbach
  • 5) Should we not pay Eshbach until work is satisfactory.
  • 6) Hanky- one boiler got new controller. Other boiler malfunctioning and also needs controller. Hanky will install. Sy will install cleanout TEE’s on boilers. Inspector will come in thirty days to inspect.
  • 7) Roof still leaking in classrooms. Still using buckets.
  • 8) Clark replaced elevator sump pump.
  • 9) Mcardle chimney will do liner in chimney if awarded contract. Other contractors also looking at chimney. Brickwork will be repaired after liner installed.
  • 10) Can dining room doors on Iron street have railings installed? Can put yellow paint on steps for safety. Any other solutions to make steps more visible. Can install better lighting. Clutter on steps to door is a problem.
  • 11) Clark cannot swap out balcony door.
  • 12) Sy has yet to do Fatzinger Gallery AC unit repairs.

13)                        Brought up last Sunday to possibly remove all sideways facing pews in front of church. Can we sell. New open space can be used to set up stage areas for cantata, band, other event uses.