Property Committee Minutes

Meeting held on October 14, 2020

     Members Present:  Barry Fisher-Chairperson, David Koch, Ted Smith, John Lopata, Clark Miller-Custodian.  Also present was Cathy Eckman-Consistory President.

  • 1) Quote for $1425 received from Affordable Comfort for HVAC repair. Sy will switch out capacitor to see if that will fix unit.
  • 2) Baut Studios sent paperwork for door approval to be signed. Need payment check.  Motion by Sy, 2nd by Dave to approve to pick door option 3,- passed
  • 3) Hanky cleaned boiler traps. Also cleaned boilers and will install clean out Tees.
  • 4) Fan installed in kitchen.
  • 5) Parsonage tenant wants tailing on front porch.
  • 6) Clark to give Ken list of tools he has at church.
  • 7) Clark has permission to buy tools he needs. Motion by Dave, 2nd by John -passed.
  • 8) Barry contacted Bruce Snyder about chimney repair work.
  • 9) Roman says flashing on roof needs attention, took down what was failing and capped.
  • 10) Clark is working on filling cracks between stonework.
  • 11) Quote from Willet/Houser for stain glass repair received, $124k. Too costly at this time. This is second company to quote.
  • 12) Trees in church front need trimming. Shade Tree Commission to trim.

Sy motion to adjourn, 2nd Dave- passed