Property Committee Meeting of June 21, 2021

Barry, Clark, Dave Ted, Julie, Gail

  1. Called Jason Coleman (WJE). Need some idea on cost and options for failing turret situation. Perhaps $100k to take turrets down. Perhaps $50k to repair turrets. Jason can still do exploratory work for $5k, then can give recommendations and estimates. Will determine if more cost effective to fix or to demolish. Jason will resubmit quote to address just turret sections. Eshbach  can still come and remove loose materials for $5k. After loose material removed Jason can better determine course to proceed. WJA will bill monthly. Would be 2 to 3 weeks to get started after contract signed.
  1. Clark and Barry installed new PVC pipe to replace terracotta drainpipe.

3.     Termite treatment for parsonage completed. Clark will look to see if any termite damage repairs need to be made.